Increase daily app opens, engagement and ROI.

Easily add location based marketing initiatives to your mobile strategy.

Extremely cost effective channel to reach your customers.


Push Notifications Deep Link Feature

Deep Links

Increase sales and conversions by using Push Notifications taking users straight to the most relevant information inside your app.

Push Notifications - Time sensitive announcements

Time Sensitive information

Use Push Notifications to deliver time sensitive notifications such as stock alerts, limited time sales, or timely appointment reminders.

Create Preference Centres

Increase customer satisfaction by placing engagement in the hands of your users, allowing customers to engage on their terms.

Easy to use Campaign Management Tool

Designed for non-technical team members to effortlessly create and manage 1-to-1 customer communications.

SMS Solutions for Business | Ubiquity Segmentation


Create segmented groups within your customer base to deliver more targeted messages that increase open rates and conversions.

Real-time Reporting

Rich dashboards and intelligent customer-centric analytics that empower your business with the insights for success.

Push Notification Solutions for



Sports Clubs

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The Gomeeki Advantage

Not all platforms are created equal.

Not just Push Notifications

The advanced Ubiquity Cloud platform is packed with awesome features to help you win. From SMS, Customer Identity Management, CRM, finally you can have a unified view of engagement, with the insight to take action. All supported by our specialists Mobile Application Development services.

Tailor made

Gomeeki has created award winning mobile solutions for many leading brands. Access our expertise to design best of breed applications with Messaging baked into the core.

Passionate about service

Our customers love us because our support team are expert communications engineers who always go the extra mile.

Competitive Rates

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